PC Osciloscope   Power Supply

OWON pushed a new-born USB oscilloscope working on PC (OWON VDS Series PC oscilloscope) on the market in 2013. In contrast to classical digital storage oscilloscopes, PC oscilloscopes present on the market are equipped with either incomplete function, or lower performance, which makes them inconvenient for professional users.


OWON ODP series introduces innovative, high performance programmable DC power supply into current product line. OWON ODP power supply provides 2 independent controllable power supply channels.


Arbitrary Waveform Generators



Digital Oscilloscopes


OWON AG series represents a group of multi-function waveform generators, working as arbitrary waveform generators and function generators.


For engineers developing, manufacturing and maintaining electronics a high quality digital oscilloscope represents an indispensable instrument, which assists them to achieve their goal. PDS series oscilloscopes feature reliable performance for reasonable price as well as user-friendly operation.


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