Focus on Quality: Produced from the best possible sources of natural ingredients. Original 200-years-old brewing method. Water from 300 m deep artesian wells. Barley malt produced at the brewery. Hops sourced from best Saaz producers.

What does “Praga” Mean and Why market it?

  • Praga” is the old name for city of Prague
  • Easy recognizable and connect to the Czech identity
  • Praga gives the brand a retro and mystique appearance
  • Independent brand / No big brewery groups
  • International brand with flexibility

“Praga” History?

  • “Praga” lager and dark is build on more than 200 years of the Czech brewing tradition
  • Our brewery has existed since 1795 and is known for the highest quality beers.
  • We brew Praga with passion for quality and use only the best ingredients
  • The Praga brand has been a sleeping brand that we have re-designed, re-positioned and re-launch in 2012


Praga Pils


Product specifications:

Original gravity: 11,25%

Alcohol: 4,65%

Real extract: 4,30%

Bitterness: 25 IBU

Color: 10,8 EBC

Foam: 230 sec/3cm

pH: 4,60

BBD: 360 days

Avaliable in: 330 ml and 500 ml botteles










Praga Dark Lager

Product specifications:

Original gravity: 11,55%

Alcohol: 4,50%

Real extract: 4,75%

Bitterness: 24 IBU

Color: 65 EBC

Foam: 245 sec/3cm

pH: 4,40

BBD: 360 days

Avaliable in: 500 ml botteles


Roasted malt

Roasted malt

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Praga Sales

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Authentic Czech Pils

  • Classic light beer, rich in Saaz hops, brewed following finest 200-year tradition of Czech brew masters
  • A style respected by world’s beer drinkers
  • Crisp, refreshing with a strong flavor
  • Less CO2 makes it less filling
  • The brewing process takes 55-65 days
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