Our story

Lastinski started operating in 2003 as the company dedicated to develop solutions for the world of technology. We were developing hardware and software solutions for different private investors. We continually invested in our knowledge, gained experience and capital to deliver our own ideas in the form of products and comprehensive systems. When the idea “vendotel” was born, we first believed in and trusted our intuition. Second, we conducted deep market research and performed business case analyses. Results confirmed our belief to develop. We made our first steps: · 2011 – first prototypes and beta version of central software tools; · 2012 – 1st generation in serial production; · 2012 – commercial success and 200 of devices as commercial installations; · Since April 2013 our company is 100% dedicated to vendotel. · 2015 – 3rd generation in serial production, amazing platform is alive.

Our team

How to explain the diversity of our characters and how we got to know each other by working together since we were students? How the good and hard times we spent together have shaped us? How different we are and how much we enjoy working together! We love the world of science and technologies, we like some philosophers, ... and a good Cuban cigar, too. We have more than 12 years of experience in RnD, establishing serial productions, building comprehensive software tools for central management systems, selling and signing contracts for what we build, and earning money out of that.  We were team leaders; we were even in the government. We can deliver!

A changing world

Communications changed our world, our private lives, social life, how we do business, how our actions interact with the rest of the world ... how we exist. Devices which connect us to the digital reality are surrounding us on every step we make. Some are of a more private nature while others are more public; all of them, however, are dedicated to deliver immediately. When we combine digital services market with real products and public services, we speak of vendotel. This is the emerging market introducing new retail infrastructure on the best possible locations. End user demands immediate delivery for small everyday needs today... And we are going to shape that market.

Some interesting projects:
  • Digital Media Signage software solution development for private investor
  • Software solution for unattended petrol stations for private investor 
  • Info kiosks development
  • Unattended payment terminal solution
  • Software solution for petrol stations for private investor